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If I only had a tail...

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Taking life one day at a time.
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I'm not your ordinary girl.
5'8", acrylic painting, angelina jolie, animals, art, art deco, astrology, avril lavigne, back injuries, balboa park, beach cruisers, beauty products, being an aunt, being babied, big cats, bob marley, brad pitt, bubble baths, caffeine, camping, candles, caramel apples, ceramics, challenges, cheese, cheesecake, chickclick, coffee, concerts, cubicles, cute panties, dancing, derri daughtery, diamonds, diet dr pepper, dieting, dj's, documentries, dogs, drew barrymore, drugs, e, eating, elephants, estro, family, fingernail polish, flowers, fruits and vegetables, giraffes, girls, god, groove, gwen stefani, hair dye, half baked, hating trucks, hawaii, hello kitty, hiking, hobbits, holidays, honda civic, horseshoes, hot girls, hot tubs, ice cream, incense, italian food, jewish girls, kitties, las vegas, law and order, laying out, lisa loeb, looking cute, lord of the rings, lounging, low tide, make-up, manicures, marijuana, massages, meowing, message boards, mexican food, microdermabrasion, more cheese, movies, mushrooms, national parks, nature, no doubt, packages, pedicures, peoria, photography, pictures, piercings, pills, pizza, plants, plastic surgery, politics, pop music, prescription drugs, presents, purses, radio, radiohead, redbull, reggae, road trips, romeow, ryan sutter, san diego, seattle, sex, sharks, shaving, shiva, shoes, shopping, silver, singer songwriters, skateboarding, skater boys, starbucks, stars, steak n' shake, surprises, swimming, tampons, the alphabet, the bachelor, the beach, the cardigans, the choir, the ocean, the real world, the wilderness, tide pools, trance music, travel, vacationing, vodka, walking, weight loss, wine

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